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House Education Committee votes unanimously Monday on a resolution that asks for a legislative study on the pros and cons of consolidating some for the state’s 500 school districts.(Colt Shaw / The Morning Call) HARRISBURG —In an effort to trim taxpayer costs, a Montgomery County lawmaker has entered a long line of legislators looking to merge some of the state's 500 school districts.It is recommended that school boards fill out duplicate originals, keeping one and sending one as notification to the Secretary of the SDBAB.

That's the attitude all our elected officials should start with in this instance.But it's also true, as he said, that right now, one "can't say one way or another whether it would be advantageous to consolidate." Mount Prospect residents deserve to know that answer, especially if in the meantime they are going to have to pay more for educating the village's students.Other districts that could be part of the conversation are Arlington Heights Elementary District 25 and River Trails Elementary District 26, which is the only one of the three that is smaller than District 57.And District 57 officials, such as board President Joe Sonnefeldt, need to be even more open to it as they take on the heavy lifting to determine the benefits and drawbacks.It's true, as Sonnefeldt said, that it may not be a "silver bullet" to solve all the district's problems.

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Merging school districts could help taxpayers in counties where student populations are dropping, said Rep.

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