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A Christian singer named Natalie Grant introduces the shows, does a bit of singing, and generally hosts the circus-like proceedings.

Close your eyes while the shows play, and you’d be excused for thinking you were listening to an especially odd episode of and all those sorts of shows, with the single person in question pestered interminably by tons of outsiders and barely even able to talk to the potential matches.

Every so often I am forced to pause my show to watch sharks attacking people and missiles hitting cruisers and the like.

TBH there may not be much difference between them and this reality show in general.)Afterward the pastor of the Rock talks to the bachelors.

We couldn’t rely on our own wisdom or judgment, went the explicit teaching, so we had to rely on what we thought our god was telling us to do. We thought pastors and other such leaders had an extra-strong Jesus Aura, so they were considered to have special powers of discernment with regard to what “Jesus” wanted. She wanted to be married with kids by 28, but obviously that didn’t work out.Captain: “This is so fucking painful to listen to.”)Angela says she’s ready to get to know all these wonderful men, but Natalie pulls her up short by telling her that the church is going to be the one to winnow out the dozen men to select three for her. The first challenge involves a clothing drive the church is doing. Angela is not the one who decides which, of course. Each man handles a clothing station while the church watches everything. Nick dances with her and turns out to want kids very much; after they talk, he walks her to the next station, which impresses everyone. Bradford is handling a barbecue grill; he’s shorter than her, but very gentlemanly–and he plays the sax for her while the food burns.We can’t have a woman deciding who she wants to get to know better, now can we? The dentist also has kids already and she’s not super-enthused about that idea.The congregation offers up a bunch of suitable matches, and then decides which one they like best, and then (theoretically at least) the happy couple weds and lives happily ever after.The show ran for a couple of seasons from 2014-2015, at which point it just dwindled away, but I don’t watch a lot of reality shows so I didn’t catch it when it first aired.

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Disclaimer: I’ve never actually watched any dating shows before. I’ve got a big glass of Marsala to go with this show because Mr.