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I am currently undergoing a physical exam to see whether or not there are any other contributing factors to my frequency problem. When I was a student, back in the mid 1970’s, I once attended a lecture called ‘Engineering the Perfect Bolt’.Despite the fact that these derailleur devices were horrendously difficult to use, they were the equipment of choice for the winners of both the 19 Tours de France.I have banned them from this collection, partly because they do not conform to my idea of what a derailleur should look like (my rule is that a 'proper' derailleur should, at least, have a guide pulley), partly because they are intensely ‘collectible’ (read - expensive), and partly because, in my opinion at least, they have all the engineering style and élan of a colostomy bag.I never found that Campagnolo equipment was problem free - in the mid 1970’s I saw a number of the afore-mentioned Nuovo Record cranks that had completely sheared (problems with the cold forging, I would guess).But there was an attention to tiny details that took your breath away.It was part of a series designed to interest science students in engineering and had such an utterly dull title that I simply had to attend.

It was exactly the wake-up call that Tullio Campagnolo needed.

Campagnolo was founded in 1933 by Tullio Campagnolo in Vicenza, Italy.

The legend goes that Tullio Campagnolo was an experienced racing cyclist, who had struggled with removing his rear wheel during a snow storm on the Croce d’Aune pass during the 'Gran Premio della Vittoria' (a race) in 1924.

Campagnolo latched onto this notion of the quick release as gear changer and developed a series of derailleur devices that involved toothed drop outs and long rods with levers on the end that allowed the rider to perform such manoeuvres without dismounting.

The first of these appalling, but much loved, devices were hand made before the Second World War and were subject to a patent dating from 1933.

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