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This reserve bottle contains 1ml of pure capsaicin crystals. Experiment 1064 is the true “death sauce.” As you can see by the graph: Blair’s Ultra Death sauce looks like ranch salad dressing compared to this.

16 Million Reserve is not to be consumed or even opened without using extreme caution. This is because Blair’s is a hot sauce, and Experiment 1064 is an industrial & commercial food-grade heat extract. As if the sheer strength of this product wasn’t enough of a selling feature, we decided to add 24 carat gold flakes to each bottle.

I need to know the Scoville rating for each sauce suggested, as well any other helpful information and links.

Some of the items (especially the ones in excess of one million Scoville Heat Units and hotter) below may not necessarily be “sauces” you apply directly on food — they are food additives and should only be used sparingly. These are capsaicin extracts and are powders or crystals, as pure capsaicin comes in crystaline form. is subject to special ordering.""Only 99 of these were produced and each bottle has been signed and numbered.

They are among the top 5 hottest chile peppers on earth.

Demon Ichor is one of the most potent, ready to use pepper extracts available on the market today. Reserve is over 200 times hotter than a jalapeno pepper and is a complex blend of fresh peppers and extracts.""Pepper extract, food additive, or real unadulterated hell. One drop of this 1,500,000 scoville powdered purity will heat any culinary creation.

""A version of the super-hot 7-Pot, 7 Pot Douglah, or Chocolate 7 Pod. It’s just hot enough and easy to use with the dropper bottle. Warning one drop of this pepper extract is the taste equivalent of licking the lake of fire.

Then, he adds an entire bushel of habanero peppers to every bottle. It’s not for everyone…only a true Pepper Head will enjoy our special recipe.

This sauce combines addictive full-flavor with tremendous heat. 1.1MM Scoville Heat Units.""The Gibralta Naga, or Spanish Naga, is of course grown in Spain, but was developed in the UK from Indian chili peppers.

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