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You'll be able to find out more about your partner's musical tastes and to see how you both gel in a performance setting. Lay under the sun, take a swim, or play skip on some rocks to enjoy the day. Make sure to ride all the scary rides—it gives you an excuse to hold your cutie’s hand (*wink*)!

Because yes, the music isn't the festival's only drawit's also a great place to spot lovebirds. Then travel home together as the sun is setting, relaxed and happy. It’s a place where you’ll also learn a lot about your partner.

source Whether you’re dating someone from Japan and you want to recreate a little of his home life to impress him or you’re living in Japan and about to hit the dating scene, it helps to be familiar with what’s considered romantic in Japanese culture as well as what’s expected of a couple dating.

Even if you’re simply curious about Japanese culture, read up on some of the most fun dating traditions from Japan.

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