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Hiv positive chatroom

Phil Clothier, a participant from our ALIVE Linked In discussion with the Barrett Values Centre, kindly shared the following.“In our recent national values assessment of South Africa, we produced a simple worksheet for parents and children to encourage values dialogue in the home.

‘Rick’ recently passed his matriculation with merit, received a scholarship and is now in university.This is to help families talk about what is most important for individuals and the whole family and to bring that to life.The worksheet is free and you are welcome to share it in others. sec=introduction_to_values&sub The three amazing stories that follow involve students from Dipty Naran's former classes at a large high school in a very challenging area of Johannesburg, a city where drug abuse, physical abuse and HIV/AIDS are rampant.Although the girl was despairing, she felt this was the only way she could help her family.Her mother reinforced ‘Mary’s’ viewpoint by encouraging her in this lifestyle.

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Currently, she’s a successful Grade 12 student, working part-time for a reputable company as well as continuing to assist Dipty at a level that is very real, sharing her inspiring story with other girls.