Leatherware online dating

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Leatherware online dating

The return policy writeup is full of incorrect grammer...because it was written by a Chinese person who does not understand proper English.Now, i realize that their prices are so low that i expected something to be wrong, but not to the extent of what it was. I've been in the store, I've seen the prices they have in there, So, I went ahead and purchased several items - to my dismay the charge to my cc was different from my total from the purchase. This back and forth has been going on for two weeks. I just want to let it be known that if you want to buy an authentic coach purse, you must go into the other website sells the fake coach purses... I thought the sale was as a result of the "blackfriday"sales. I am yet to receive my purchase I called the number on my invoice and it was fruitless and also emailed them, I am yet to receive a response. The site says satisfaction guaranteed but good luck trying to contact them.go figure, I'm sure that they will find another way to cheat someone else out of their hard earned money. They told me that EVERY site on the internet is fake and is the ONLY authorized dealer. it came after my mistake but it good to know that i can retrace my steps.is a total scam. Recieved them, they were actually nice, but I was sent a brown purse instead of black.I completely fell for the site too, thought it was real, until now. I ordered from and didn't think about looking at the reviews, so after I ordered the purse and wallett and then read all the comments. COM...i guess Stealth is the person in Icoarc, so far we all don;t know the clerance of china so familiar but She/he know so well, and he/she keep telling all of us have stupid tobrought from the wedsite, and the wedsite did nothing wrong.. Now I just ordered a handbag, paid for 1 pm overnight delivery .00 and when I called the 888-262-6224, they tell me that I will not get this the next day. I asked to speak to a supervisor/manager and I get Christine Bennette, who tells me that I am unable to get my order that was placed 12pm on Thursday, friday.Its been over 2 weeks I havent recieved anything, the tracking number doesnt work, and there is no phone number to call anyone. I am so upset by all of this, espcially with myself for falling for it. I tried to email and no email back, so I contacted my bank and told them and they reimbursed me my money back and then I went to and ordered the stuff... I ask why, they said because ur order was not placed here at 1pm. I told her I confirmed with the store and they did the 1pm overnight.

Okay so because of issues they corrected because they mixed up in the past, they are unable to fix this issue?? They made another mistake and I have to pay for their mistake??? Is this how you treat someone that just spent $5.80 in purchases?Those same factories are probably producing extra product to sell on the black market.I've been to China twice and fake Coach products are everywhere.And yes the site does claim authenticity- that claim runs along the top of the site.And if you look up any web page with "scam or fraud" you will find any negatives about a site.

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They even charged me for a different amount that was on the invoice. From now on I will never purchase anything online just to be on the safe side. These ###ing chinese cheap imitation crap cost me $340.00.