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Mefpak online dating

You try to cut people off in the pics or blur their…

Last time I checked, half of marriages in the US still end in divorce. It’s one of the main questions I get from those who online date; how fast should I meet the person face-to-face?

So why make the girl date the male lead's best friend? Shit, I feel like I really want to end it soon, i cant bear to watch it for now (im on episode 16). Gosh i really want to skip watching whenever it shows her face. It does make me laugh, but trully I don't like the ending. Jo Jung Suk oppa has always been good in acting, he really portrayed the character very well for every projects he has done. I really hope they could win some awards this year but maybe the rating will effect the competition. I like this drama more, it's not 49%-51% like but certainly and definitely 100% love. The preview of each episodes and unpredictable plot makes me as a viewer eager and curious on what happened next.I was expecting more than this from GHY, she almost always played as a strong woman or at least made a right decision at the end, its ok its love was a phenomenal, master sun was so good, producer is nice, and pasta ... at least they wrapped with a good acting but still nahh..their acting were excellent but this is not one of GHY's drama This series would have been perfect if Hwa-Shin wasn't so mean to Na-Ri from the beginning to the end or that she made a better final choice. Even at the end, she made some feeble attempts to argue w/ him, but mostly gave in to him and allowed him to treat her like she was inferior to him. I guess this drama has subtle meanings that really moves me. Even the side characters and stories are enjoyable. Gong hyo Jin really picks amazing and meaningful dramas. GHJ is her usual best and you really had great choice in drama but JJS really is gold of the show. Wow how he could act to be a totally dashing gentleman debonaire who can be loyally in love and be able to treasure his bestfriend... you are the luckiest for being able to have great chemistry to all actors you worked with!!! very very sad it's the end can't believe no ever best drama which leave big empty place since i ve watched since 2006 it 's THE DRAMA CHO JUNG SOEK THE BEST HOPE TO SEE HIM SOON IN THE NEXT I ALREADY MISS HIM I ADREE WITH SARANGEAH JI This drama is like I want to move on (Hwa Shin pushing away Na Ri) but it stuck to my heart like the octopus (Na Ri will always be by Hwa Shin's side). I really enjoy this drama because everything is fun.However, the first episode made Hwa Shin look like such a jerk to Na Ri for no reason except that he's an evil B that nothing the rest of the series could do to make up for that except give us an acceptable explanation and they never did. There are some parts of this drama that really relatable to relationship, life and workplace experience which quite a meaningful drama. I have noticed that many of the viewers have second lead syndrome. I personally prefer Lee Hwa Shin than the second lead. after this drama, i believe jo jung suks carrier is rise, shine, and bright.. cant wait for next drama from you both, and hope you can do project together again,really one of my favourite couple from KDrama This is if not the best is ONE OF THE BEST KDRAMA I've ever watched!!! GREAT PERFORMANCE to ALL the ACTORS of this show and of course GREAT STORYLINE AND GREAT DIRECTION!!! Wow till the end my heart ache for Jung Won but at the same time very happy how it end up between Na Ri and Hwa Sin... I could watch this over and over again I still get the same feelings while watching it... and lastly the luckiest girl in the planet Kong Hyo Jin deserves to be called the ROMCOM QUEEN of Korean Drama! Now I'm clinging on it like Jung Won clinging to Na Ri. THANK YOU JEALOUSY INCARNATE for making my Wednesday and Thursday nights meaningful. He is an excellent dramatic actor, he is a good dancer, a good singer, a good comedian.But while the methods of making contact keep changing, the basic rules for connecting with…Who hasn’t tossed and turned in bed the night before a big date trying to account for all the things that could go wrong?

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Some scenes are supposed to be sad but I still end up laughing like a maniac. The acting of Jo Jung Suk is brilliant and amazing he can immerse himself to become Hwa Shin. The acting, the writing, the OSTs, the background score, the direction - it’s all stellar! I admit to not knowing where the unconventional ride was going at times, but once I got into the rhythm of the show, NEVER did I doubt that this drama was a masterpiece. (Unless you adamantly decide to stay on the second lead ship that is!

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