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A charter of King Henry II dated to [1155] confirmed the property of Kirkstead abbey, including by "Hugonis filii Eudonis et Roberti filii eius" who confirmed a donation of land in Aby and South Thoresby donated by "Willelmus filius Otueli avunculus meus" to Greenfield priory, Lincolnshire by charter dated to [1166/75] witnessed by "Simone de Bello Campo"] (-before 1185).

A manuscript records the foundation of Kirkstead abbey, Lincolnshire in 1139 by domino Hugone Bretonenatione Britocujus nomen Brito in Hugonem filium Eudonis domini de Tateshale mutatur", that "Hugo filius Eudonis et Hugo filius Pincionis fuerunt fratres sacri", that the former had "filium et hredum Robertum filium Hugonis" who was succeeded by "Johannes filius eiusdem Roberti et hres" who had "fratrum Robertum etfilium et hredum Walterum", the last-named being succeeded by "alius Walterus filius et hres primi Walteri" who was in turn succeeded by "Robertus filius et hres eiusdem Walteri"] (-before 1199).

His parentage appears confirmed by his mothers inquisition (see above).

Robertus Taylebois confirmed terram meam de Banton et Ascumbe to Roberto le Franceis filio Hugonis le Franceis de Westmerland et Elychabet uxori sue by charter dated to [1235]An inquisition following a writ dated 18 Oct "41 Hen III", after the death of "Robert Tayleboys alias Taleboys", names "Robert his son is his heir and of full age" and Margery late his wife is dowered by the command of the queen, listing one unspecified knights fee in Northumberland.

"Robertus filius Hugonis" confirmed the donation of "bosco Langhage" by "Willielmus de Dentuna frater meus" to Kirkstead abbey by undated charter, witnessed by "Rogero filio Hugonis, Isabella uxore mea".To create this list, we started with the words that give our users the most trouble and then ranked them by how frequently they appear in our corpus of billions of words from edited sources.If you only have time to study one list of words, this is the list.The Testa de Nevill includes a writ of King John dated 1212 which records "Yvo Tailleboys" holding "baroniam de Hephale cum uxore qui fuit Willelmi Bardolf quam habet de dono domini Regis Johannis" in Northumberland.An inquisition following a writ dated 6 Jul "40 Hen III", after the death of "Elizabeth Taylebois alias Taylboes", names "Robert Taylboes her son aged 40 at least is her heir" and lists one unspecified knights fee in Northumberland.

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Domesday Book records Azelina wife of Ralph Taillebois holding half a hide of land in Soulbury in Cottesloe Hundred from the king in Buckinghamshire; several properties in Bedfordshiredaughter (-after 1085).

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