Sex chat aunt

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Sex chat aunt

I had outrageous sex with my mother and sister and I'm glad that I did.Not feeling bad and certainly not feeling guilty that I had sex with my mother and sister, I made incestuous, sexual memories that I'll remember for the rest of my life.Nonetheless my twisted morals and my distorted sense of what's right and what's wrong between the sexes, I was hoping that they'd come home drunk. I was hoping that they'd be so drunk and so horny that they wouldn't know that I was their son and brother and would give me the incestuous sex I was yearning to have. Fortunately for me, they did give me the incestuous sex that I was lusting and hoping to have with their naked bodies.Thinking that it was all just a sexual fantasy that would never happen, suffice to say that I wasn't disappointed when they finally came home in a cab and fell through the front door laughing and singing. Now more than a month later, with my mother and sister fucking and sucking me nearly every day and with me fucking and licking them in return nearly every night, things between us couldn't be any better. I couldn't be any more sexually satisfied than I am today having sex with my whore of an ex-stripper mother and my slut of a sexy, bitch of a sister. Sorry, I meant to say, thank your Satan, I've been blessed.After having sexually lusted over my mother and sister for years, I finally had sex with my 42-year-old mother, Jenny, and my sister, Emma, on her 21st birthday, the first day of summer.There, I wrote it and publically posted it for all to read.

"Depending upon how I look at it, I'm either in Heaven or in Hell." "Heaven or Hell? * * * * * With her long, blonde hair, pretty face, and my determined desire to fuck and to sexually control my slutty bitch of a sister, in the way that I can't get enough of my mother, I can't get enough of my sexy sister.

Feeling as if I was king of my castle in my own Game of Thrones, sexually sated, I was satisfied how well our threesome is working. "Would you do me the honor of eating my pussy, my Lord? "If it's an oral orgasm that you want sister, I'd love to most graciously lick your pussy. Ah, this is the life," I said as my sister lowered her pussy to my waiting, horny mouth.

"This is how it must have been in the dark ages with the son the man of the house and keeping his mother as well as his sister warm and sexually satisfied when there were no other men around," I said. * * * * * It all started when my whore of a mother took my slut of a sister out to a CFNM strip club for her twenty-first birthday. Maybe because I'm a selfish guy, but it just seems to me that my mother taking her daughter, my sister, to a CFNM strip club on her birthday to suck some stripper's cock is just wrong.

If it's not enough that I'm having sex with my mother and if it's not enough that I'm having sex with my sister, being able to go from my mother to my sister is a sexual fantasy come true. A sizzling, sexy, steamy summer that I'll remember for the rest of my life, this is the best summer of the twenty-three years of my life. Thank you Sis for making me so very happy." "You're welcome Jack," said my mother. * * * * * Fortunately for me, our forbidden relationship morphed from mother and son and sister and brother to incestuous lovers resplendently complete with threesome sex highlighted with lesbian sex between my mother and sister.

Whenever they physically exhaust me, I'll watch them going at one another.

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Pardon me again, I meant to say, after playing in the Devil's playground, thank you Satan, I've been cursed by the incestuous demon of forbidden love but in a good way." Ever since that fateful day six weeks ago, a sexual fantasy come true, it was as if the three of us were meant to have incestuous sex.