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Jenna and Jennifer verbally humiliate danni further. He needs reminding that he is not as important as the Women in his life.

Jennifer tells danni to Worship her feet, so that he is reminded that he is below Women.

He�s also going to have to start watching while Jenna has sex with her boyfriend.

This will really cement into danni�s mind his role in Jenna�s life.

Brat Princess 2 - Alexa - Facesitting TENS Unit Test This slave has a serious face sitting fetish. Alexa�s going to see if she can make it not so nice for him, though. Alexa doesn�t care, she likes causing pain, and wants him to learn to accept pain for her enjoyment. Alexa teases the slave with her ass while torturing him with shocks from the TENS Unit.

You need to listen to this instruction closely, because your Princess is very demanding and she does not like to repeat herself. Daniela is meeting some girlfriends on this trip too, and she has to look the best out of all of them.Bound to a table and secured in tight chastity, Alexa turns up the current coursing through the slave�s balls. At the end the slave tries to get Alexa to stop, but she won�t.( long) Clip contains: Alexa, Face Sitting, Female Domination, TENS Unit, Electric Play, Ass Smother, bikini, chastity Category: FACE SITTING Related Categories: FEMALE DOMINATION, BIKINI, ELECTRIC PLAY, CHASTITY, ASS SMOTHERING Keywords: female domination File Name : Brat Princess 2 - Alexa - Facesitting TENS Unit Test Runtime : File Size : 1.06 GB Resolution : 1920x1080 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download file (1.06 GB) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Brat Princess 2 - Amadahy and Noe - Dance Party Ballbust Kick Off Amadahy and Noe are having a living room dance party.Then, Jenna makes danni stand and display his chastity to the mediator. Jenna giggles, pleased that the chastity mediator is really doing a great job.Danni starts to get nervous about what he has just agreed to under duress.

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Jennifer recommends that danni Worship Jenna�s feet regularly so that he is constantly reminded that his place is beneath his Keyholder.