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Despite what one might conclude after reading the flurry of frenzied headlines that followed, the Holy Father was saying nothing new; the fact that Jesus Christ redeemed the world is age-old, standard Christian teaching. not everyone will choose to accept the redeeming love of God and its invitation to salvation.

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Consider the prayers we traditionally use for the Stations of the Cross Yes, the whole world — which includes all atheists, all sinners, all people, even all things — was redeemed by the Blood of Christ that was shed for us on Calvary. While God didn\’t need our cooperation or permission to redeem us, without our cooperation and permission He will not save us.

Jesus paid the ransom (the word \”redemption\” literally means the \”buying back\” of a thing), and His atoning sacrifice opened the gates of Heaven, which had been previously closed to humanity due to Adam\’s sin. God is a gentleman, and He will not bring us into union with Him unless we desire that union.

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Paul tells us in his letter to the Romans that knowledge of God for those without the Jewish faith, “is clear to their minds; God himself has made it clear […] INTRODUCTION In this post, I examine whether I, as a faithful Catholic, and as a scientist who holds that miracles are possible must believe that the Creation account given in Genesis is literally true, without modification, and thereby exclude what science tells us about common descent and cosmology.