Werudating ru

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Werudating ru

My thoughts: SO Venus in Pisces is considered “exalted” in traditional astrology – that is, this Goddess Of Love, Art, Beauty and Charm is thought to function particularly well in Pisces.

And there is probably some Jungian explanation for this – that you’re not in touch with the higher energy of your own Venus in Pisces so you are putting out dark or clogged up emanations – that subliminally, you don’t feel you are worthy of a person with their shit together, who you find attractive (and them you), who is available for a hot, healthy relationship.

AE: I know when the show started there was no inkling that people would latch onto the subtext the way they have.

Do you ever see it yourself on the page when you read a script?

-the emphasis in this very loose take on Shakespeare's play is on comedy and the fine cast and ear-pleasing score succeed in making it wonderfully entertaining...

I like loyalty, it is an important character trait.

Everybody that I’ve met, we’ve done contests and people have come to the set, they’ve all been great.

Sometimes going “out” with those sorts of people can give you a heap of space for work, friends, family, art, enterprise, spiritual development and the pursuit of your Awesome.

Encouraged to “L-I-V-E” by the vivacious near-octogenarian, Harold begins to open up to the world (and to Maude) as the two creep towards the film’s devastating and life-affirming conclusion.

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